Sexual position 69 (read: six-on-nine or six-nine or sixty-nine) – one of the positions in which two people are arranged in such a way relative to each other that their mouths are close to their partner’s genitals, allowing mutual oral intercourse (fellatio/cunnilingus). The name comes from the fact that the arrangement of the partners’ bodies in this position resembles the numbers 6 and 9. Referred to in the Kamasutra by the word “auparishtaka”.

Position 69 – what to pay attention to in order to give the most pleasure to a woman?

  • Labia – licking them in the 69 position is one of the elements of starting caresses. The technique is arbitrary and depends primarily on the preferences of the partner (which can be asked directly). For example, a man can move his tongue up and down to moisten the outer lips as much as possible. A more intense sensation will be guaranteed by sucking the entire lips.
  • Penetration – this is another technique of oral caressing. Immediately after the external caressing of the vagina, the partner can try to insert his tongue inside the vagina and make rhythmic sliding movements there as well. They may be shallow at first, but eventually the man should try to insert his tongue as deeply as possible. This should give the partner the most pleasure.
  • Clitoris – in the 69 position, a man should spend the most time precisely on this point on a woman’s body. He can cover the clitoris with saliva to then caress it with the tip of his tongue by licking it (in upward motions). Just such a technique will contribute to the woman’s arousal. She will feel even more stimulation when the wet tongue presses or pushes against the clitoris.

Position 69 – what to pay attention to in order to give the most pleasure to a man?

  • Kissing – this is the best choice to start caressing the partner in the 69 position. The woman, holding the penis in her hand, can gently kiss it. Kisses are also advisable in and around the lower abdomen to excite the partner as much as possible.
  • Sucking – is a simple movement that involves sucking on the partner’s penis after inserting it into the mouth. During this oral technique, the partner can insert the penis deeper and deeper each time so that the man has the best possible sensation.
  • Ticking – this concept can be divided into two different techniques: internal ticking and external ticking. The former involves the partner putting the tip of the penis into her mouth, clamping her lips (gently) on it and pulling. This movement is best repeated several or more times. The external ticker, on the other hand, is to embrace the tip of the penis with the lips, but without putting it deeply into the mouth and also pulling rhythmically.

Disadvantages of position 69

Definitely, the position of 69 is not universally accepted in society. For some, it still constitutes a form of an act of impure rapprochement or a violation of certain cultural or religious rules. Therefore, instead of boldly taking the initiative to fondle in the 69 position, it is advisable to talk frankly with the other person beforehand, what his or her opinion on the subject is and whether he or she is definitely okay with oral fondling.

The 69 position can also be problematic, because partners, intensely trying to bring the other person to orgasm, themselves forget to enjoy the pleasure of rapprochement. Then the intention of climaxing together is not realized. When experiencing orgasm, they are also often unable to predict their reaction, and moments before it they neglect to caress the other person without having any direct influence on it.